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Message Of The Supplies Administration

The Sudanese Company for Electricity Distribution Ltd. is confident that the effective partnership and joint work with our suppliers form one of the most important success factors to achieve the goals. So, we always seek to create strong relationships with all the suppliers based on the principles of partnership, cooperation and transparency, while we strive to keep that relationship based on stable and uniform bases that guarantee the quality of performance and speed in the provision of information and the creation of more effective channels of communication between the Company and suppliers. We appreciate the good dealing, rapport and quality performance

The Materials Supplied By The Company

  • Safety Tools       
  • Electricity Recharge Cards 
  • Desktop Tools And Gadgets      
  • Publications          
  • Clothing And Uniforms           
  • Work Equipment

Stations Materials:        

  • The Chinese Stations      
  • Areva Stations 33KV          
  • Areva Stations 33 kV Transmission     
  • Ronks Stations 11KV         
  • Mesa Stations 33KV           
  • Mesa Stations 33kV Transmission     
  • Columns And Sabani Stone Materials         
  • Control Boards Materials            


Electricity Materials

  • Insulators   
  • Fuses and Capillaries  
  • Cables   
  • Integrated Stations   
  • Transformers
  • Screws 
  • Iron/Metallic Accessories   
  • Cable Boots           
  • Connection Rings      
  • Cables Heads        
  • Distribution Boxes         
  • The ABC Network Extensions/ Accessories        
  • Columns and Sabani Stone Materials      
  • Aluminum Connectors   
  • Cable links  
  • Wires  
  • Control Boards (Tabloons)  
  • Cables  
  • Screws  
  • Cable Boots          
  • Meters (line + load)         
  • Current Transformers      
  • Security switches and circuit breakers       
  • Cables Links and heads            


Tender for Application of Integrated Management System (IMS)           Closed

Tender for Cars Maintenance  Closed

Tender for Supplying Mineral Water    Download

Tender for Supplying Polymer Insulators and Fuses   Download


General Conditions For Tenders

  1. Languages of Tender are: Arabic and English Languages
  2. Alternative Specification Should be Put in Account
  3. Bids offering less than 40% of the total quantities will not be considered
  4. Bid Validity Is 90 Days
  5. The initial value of the collateral guarantee should be 2% to be completed to 10% for those who win the tender and reimbursed to those who do not win the tender
  6. One copy and the original of the tender should be handed over


  • A certificate of clearance from taxes
  • Acquittal of Zakat
  • A certificate of registration in value-added tax
  • A commercial registration
  • A list of incorporation for companies
  • The commercial license
  • Posting the legal stamp

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